Advanced Materials and Structures VI

Volume 254

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tomasz Sadowski, Przemysław Golewski, Viorel Radoiu

Abstract: Different types of techniques are used in joining of aircraft structures. The classical solutions are mechanical or bonding joining. A...

Authors: Silvia Şuta, György Thalmaier, Niculina Sechel, Ioan Vida-Simiti, Valentin Petrescu

Abstract: Porous membranes made of Ti – 48 at. % Al intermetallic compound was obtained by elemental powder synthesis. These disks can be used as...

Authors: Iulian Riposan, Ion Stefan, Ciprian Firican, Stelian Stan

Abstract: The cooling curve and its derivatives display patterns that can be used to predict the characteristics of a cast iron. The effects of...

Authors: Ildiko Peter, Mario Rosso

Abstract: The study aims obtaining materials with a high and constant friction coefficient, a high durability and thermal stability that is associated...

Authors: Ulrich Rost, Roxana Muntean, Pit Podleschny, Gabriela Marginean, Michael Brodmann, Viorel Aurel Şerban

Abstract: In this experimental work polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) electrodes are analysed, which are prepared by the use of two sorts...

Authors: Ioan Catalin Mon, Mircea Horia Tierean, Eugen Cicala, Michel Pilloz, Iryna Tomashchuk, Pierre Sallamand

Abstract: This paper studies the ductile iron (DI) weldability using laser welding. For performing an Yb:YAG continuous laser was used, with a maximum...

Authors: Conor Slater, Gaël Farine, Thomas Maeder, Peter Ryser

Abstract: Biogas is a fuel made from the anaerobic digestion of organic material to form methane. It can be used to power a stationary engine to...

Authors: Dan Andrei Şerban, Emanoil Linul, Sorin Sărăndan, Liviu Marşavina

Abstract: This work presents the design of a parametric Kelvin structure in which the relative density of the geometry can be varied by adjusting...

Authors: Tomasz Sadowski, Błażej Pankowski

Abstract: Indentation in brittle solids involves many complex phenomena related to cleavage and contact, as well as intrinsic stress singularities,...


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