Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites XIV

Volume 256

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Davi Munhoz Benati, Kazuhiro Ito, Kazuyuki Kohama, Hajime Yamamoto, Eugênio José Zoqui

Abstract: Fe-2.5C-1.5Si gray cast iron evaluated in previous works exhibited promising potential as semisolid raw material presenting low levels of...

Authors: Zhao Yang, Guang Xu Wang, Xue Xuan Xu, Xiao Long He, Jian Ning Lu

Abstract: Thixo-forging has been proved to be able to fabricate bi-metal parts with a complex outline and a relatively regular interface economically....

Authors: Shu Sen Wu, Xiao Gang Fang, Shu Lin Lü, Li Zhao, Jing Wang

Abstract: The RE-containing Mg alloys usually have big RE-rich intermetallic compounds distributed along grain boundaries. In this paper, a 3 wt.% RE...

Authors: Ju Fu Jiang, Ying Wang, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: Semisolid slurries of 7075 aluminum matrix composite reinforced with nano-sized SiC particles were fabricated by ultrasonic assisted...

Authors: Xiao Kang Liang, Da Quan Li, Min Luo, You Feng He, Fan Zhang, Qiang Zhu

Abstract: The enthalpy equilibration method is a novel technique to produce globular grain structure in semi-solid slurry preparation. In this...

Authors: Du Yao Zhang, Helen V. Atkinson, H.B. Dong

Abstract: The fraction liquid present during semi-solid processing has a critical effect. Conventionally the process window has been defined by...

Authors: Khalil Traidi, Véronique Favier, Philippe Lestriez, Karl Debray, Laurent Langlois, Nicolas Ranc, Michel Saby, Philippe Mangin

Abstract: The high temperature range for steel semi-solid state makes the experiments particularly challenging. While the response under shear or...

Authors: Wen Ying Qu, Fan Zhang, Jiao Jiao Wang, Xiao Gang Hu, Qiang Zhu

Abstract: Semi-solid alloy slurries with different temperature distributions have diverse flow patterns of the slurries during die casting filling...

Authors: Jiao Jiao Wang, Qiang Zhu, Fan Zhang, Da Quan Li, You Feng He

Abstract: A crucial problem concerned with the semi-solid forming process is the liquid segregation phenomena during shape formation, especially for...

Authors: Xiao Wei Li, Kai Kun Wang, Jin Long Fu, Fei Yin

Abstract: Due to the excellent thermal conductivity and high strength of aluminum alloy and unique advantages containing shock absorbing, vibrations...


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