Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites XIV

Volume 256

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Lin Zhang, Zhi Feng Zhang, Jun Xu, Wei Min Mao

Abstract: The apparent viscosities of the semi-solid SiCp/A357 composites with 0vol.%, 10vol.% and 20vol.% SiC particles manufactured by stir casting...

Authors: Marialaura Tocci, Christoph Zang, Ines Cadòrniga Zueco, Annalisa Pola, Michael Modigell

Abstract: Rheological properties of liquid metals are difficult to investigate experimentally because of the extreme border conditions to consider....

Authors: Xiao Gang Hu, Qiang Zhu, Helen V. Atkinson, Min Luo, Fan Zhang, Wen Ying Qu

Abstract: One-phase modelling is widely used as an optimization and design tool for semi-solid casting process. By this approach, semi-solid alloy is...

Authors: Sudip Simlandi, Nilkanta Barman, Himadri Chattaopadhyay

Abstract: In case of metal sheet forming of alloys in semisolid state, modelling of the process is very essential to predict flow behaviour,...

Authors: Andreas N. Alexandrou, Georgios C. Georgiou, Eva Athena Economides, Michael Modigell

Abstract: In this work we revisit the issue of obtaining true material constants for semisolid slurries. Therefore, we consider the circular Couette...

Authors: Ji Ming Zhou, Zhen Li, Le Hua Qi, Xin Kang Wang

Abstract: Liquid-solid microextrusion is one type of microplastic forming processes at elevated temperature and can be used in the forming of pins,...

Authors: Zhao Hui Wang, Bo Li, Xian Du, Ke Liu, Shu Bo Li, Wen Bo Du

Abstract: In this paper, In Situ AlN particles reinforced magnesium matrix composites were fabricated. The results show that the AlN phases can...

Authors: Shu Lin Lü, Xiong Yang, Shu Sen Wu, Xiao Gang Fang, Jing Wang

Abstract: The long period stacking ordered (LPSO) phase reinforced Mg alloys have received many researches in recent years because of their excellent...

Authors: Hong Xing Lu, You Feng He, Stephen Midson, Da Quan Li, Qiang Zhu

Abstract: Surface blistering during T6 heat treating is an artifact that is essentially unique to high pressure casting processes such as semi-solid...

Authors: Siri Harboe, Vijenthan Sothyratnam, Michael Modigell, Annalisa Pola

Abstract: In this work, the effect of stirring conditions on agglomeration and coalescence-coarsening in isothermal, globulitic, semisolid AlCu10%wt...


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