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Authors: Waleed Khalifa, Yoshiki Tsunekawa
Chapter 4: Development of Materials Processing Technologies
Abstract: The feasibility of using the ultrasonic melt treatment to prepare billets for thixocasting process of hypoeutectic Al-7%Si alloys was...
Authors: Waleed Khalifa, Yoshiki Tsunekawa, Shimaa El-Hadad
Chapter 4: Development of Materials Processing Technologies
Abstract:In this study, un-refined A383 aluminum alloy was cast at different temperatures using ultrasonic melt treatment. The liquid alloy was...
Authors: Amir Bolouri, Qin Fu Zhao, Pascal Côté, X. Grant Chen
Chapter 4: Development of Materials Processing Technologies
Abstract:The SEED rheocasting process was used to produce semisolid slurries of high strength 7075 aluminum wrought alloys. The effects of the SEED...
Authors: Jin Long Fu, Yu Wei Wang, Kai Kun Wang, Xiao Wei Li
Chapter 4: Development of Materials Processing Technologies
Abstract:To investigate the influence of refined grains on the microstructure of 7075 aluminum alloy in semi-solid state, a new strain induced melting...
Authors: Ming Fan Qi, Yong Lin Kang, Guo Ming Zhu, Yang De Li, Wei Rong Li
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:A new process so-called air-cooled stirring rod (ACSR) was developed to prepare semisolid slurries of Al-8Si alloy. A simplified rheological...
Authors: Zhi Feng Zhang, Min He, Bao Li, Jun Xu
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:An appropriative alloy for semisolid forming has been designed by mean of optimizing chemical compositions of main elements and...
Authors: Hong Xing Lu, Qiang Zhu, You Feng He, Fan Zhang, Da Quan Li
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:The semi-solid casting process has a lot of advantages in controlling casting defects. High quality impellers have been produced successfully...
Authors: Mario Rosso, Ildiko Peter, Ivano Gattelli
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:During the last decades under the enthusiastic and competent guidance of Mr Chiarmetta SSM processes attained in Italy at Stampal Spa...
Authors: Madeleine Blad, Bengt Johannesson, Patrik Nordberg, Johannes Winklhofer
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:Although rheocasting is widely used for the production of thin-walled components, thick-walled rheocast components are not yet common. In...
Authors: Song Chen, Fan Zhang, You Feng He, Da Quan Li, Qiang Zhu
Chapter 5: Industrial Application
Abstract:Semi-solid slurry has significantly higher viscosity than liquid metal. This character of fluidity makes product design and die design, such...
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