Partial Oxidation in a Dense Phase Sub-Monolayer of Fe-Phthalocyanine on Ag(110)


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In this contribution we report on the structural and magnetic changes along a catalytic cycle of a new dense, “quasi-squared” FePc submonolayer phase (R3) evaporated on Ag(110). X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) experiments at the Fe L2,3 edge were performed on four samples: the as-evaporated phase (R3), two differently oxygenated samples (OX1 and OX2) and the annealed phase (ANN). It is concluded that all characterized phases display planar anisotropy, and the values of mseff/nh are one order of magnitude larger than mL/nh. By oxidation, the isotropic moment increases from 7.2 x 10-2 mB/hole to 1.8 x 10-1 mB/hole, which is about a factor of 2 smaller than the increase achieved for the low-density phase.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 257)

Edited by:

Juan Bartolomé, Jose Ignacio Arnaudas, Larry R. Falvello




E. Bartolomé et al., "Partial Oxidation in a Dense Phase Sub-Monolayer of Fe-Phthalocyanine on Ag(110)", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 257, pp. 219-222, 2017

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October 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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