Precision Machining IX

Volume 261

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: János Kundrák, Tamás Makkai, István Deszpoth

Abstract: In producing parts, besides increasing accuracy and maintaining/improving the cut surface quality, the main effort of the manufacturers is...

Authors: Steven Y. Liang, Zhi Peng Pan

Abstract: On process mechanics, the mechanical and thermal stresses and their distributions within the material as imposed by machining is essential,...

Authors: Ildikó Maňková, Marek Vrabel', Daniel Kottfer, Mária Franková, Miroslav Paľo

Abstract: In terms of machinability are titanium alloys classified in the group of difficult to cut materials. The main factors determining this...

Authors: Andrzej Matras, Wojciech Zębala

Abstract: Paper presents some investigations, concerning simulation of the nickel based alloy machining. The aim of the research was an optimization...

Authors: Raul Turmanidze, Giorgi Popkhadze

Abstract: In view of the fact that the endo-prosthesis heads of human hip-joint are operated in extreme conditions, in respect of load, the selection...

Authors: Jan Řehoř, Jaroslava Fulemová, Alena Vagaská, Miroslav Gombár, Katarina Monkova

Abstract: The article deals with the experimental investigation of cutting conditions from the view of force load during machining high alloyed tool...

Authors: Grzegorz Struzikiewicz, Ksenia Rumian

Abstract: This paper presents the results of the experiments which aimed to determine the value of the specific cutting force (SCF) during...

Authors: Joanna Krajewska-Śpiewak, Józef Gawlik

Abstract: Under the influence of the pressure caused by the application of the cutting edge on the surface of the workpiece elastic waves are...

Authors: Łukasz Ślusarczyk

Abstract: The paper presents the results of laboratory measurement of temperature in the machining zone during the straight turning of a shaft made of...


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