Utilization of Fe-Oxide Composites for as Removal from Aqueous Solutions


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This work was done to assess the arsenate (AsV ) removal from the model solution by sorbents based on Fe-oxide. Two samples were compared in sorption properties, synthetically prepared Fe-oxide and bentonite/iron oxide (ratio 2:1). The effect of pH and initial metal ion concentration was investigated. The optimum pH for arsenic adsorption by both samples was found to be about 3.0. The adsorption increased very significantly with decreasing pH for both samples. The Fe-oxide sample achieved the maximum adsorption capacity 24,1 mg.g-1 AsV at pH 3, composite sample 14,1 mg.g -1 AsV at pH 3. The adsorption of AsV on Fe-oxide sample increased with the increasing initial metal ion concentration up to 40 mg/l and then equilibrium was established, by contrast of bentonite/Fe-oxide sample shown no significant change at this concentration range.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 262)

Edited by:

Sabrina Hedrich, Kathrin Rübberdt, Franz Glombitza, Wolfgang Sand, Axel Schippers, Mario Vera Véliz and Sabine Willscher




A. Bekényiová et al., "Utilization of Fe-Oxide Composites for as Removal from Aqueous Solutions", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 262, pp. 630-633, 2017

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August 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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