Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing III

Volume 265

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N.A. Shaburova, T.D. Ratmanov, A.M. Minkin

Abstract: The methods for evaluating the quality of the protective coating to the size etching of quartz glass with hydrofluoric acid were proposed....

Authors: Valentina I. Loganina, I.S. Pyshkina

Abstract: The following article presents information on the regularities of hardening of lime construction mixture samples, which were produced while...

Authors: V.I. Matyukhin, V.A. Dudko, N.V. Grebneva

Abstract: The article outlines the production of fibrous materials, discloses energy production targets for mineral wool items production, scrutinizes...

Authors: S.V. Davydov, A.O. Gorlenko

Abstract: There is investigated the wear resistance of mottled irons with stabilized carbide phase, obtained by alloying iron with copper, chromium...

Authors: I.P. Mikhnev, N.A. Salnikova, M.B. Lempert

Abstract: In article results of a complex research of activity of natural radionuclides in construction raw materials of the Volgograd region are...

Authors: A.A. Yusupova, R.T. Akhmetova, L.N. Shafigullin

Abstract: A technology for the production of sulfur composite materials based on waste from BaCl2 at Karpov Mendeleyevsk Plant (Russia) was...

Authors: Dmitry V. Oreshkin, V.A. Perfilov

Abstract: The article considers the environmental, technological, and economic problems of recycling at application fine marble waste in the...

Authors: V.A. Perfilov, Dmitry V. Oreshkin

Abstract: The article suggests recycling aluminium and pipe industry wastes in the production of refractory materials. New compositions of light...

Authors: D.V. Tuncev, Z.G. Sattarova, I.M. Galiev

Abstract: The article describes a new multilayer wood-polymer composite material, the outer layer of which comprises wood flour, polypropylene,...


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