Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing III

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Authors: N.A. Shaburova, T.D. Ratmanov, A.M. Minkin
Abstract: The methods for evaluating the quality of the protective coating to the size etching of quartz glass with hydrofluoric acid were proposed. Molybdenum coating is generated with the installation NIKA 2012 TN by magnetron sputtering. Quartz glass with a roughness of Ra less than 1 nm was used. Discontinuity of coating was determined by the method of electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis. Mathematical modeling of the hydrofluoric acid diffusion process performend via the molybdenum film was implemented. X-ray analysis of the coating was carried out to determine the residual internal stresses. We concluded that the studied phenomena affect the quality of the glass surface after etching.
Authors: Valentina Ivanovna Loganina, I.S. Pyshkina
Abstract: The following article presents information on the regularities of hardening of lime construction mixture samples, which were produced while adding the supplement based on calcium hydro silicate. Mathematical model of influence of the percentage of precipitation supplement and the quantity of diatomite used for synthesis upon the compression strength of the samples has been implemented.
Authors: V.I. Matyukhin, V. Dudko, N.V. Grebneva
Abstract: The article outlines the production of fibrous materials, discloses energy production targets for mineral wool items production, scrutinizes specific features of cupola process. Besides, the article presents the experimental research of mineral wool cupola process. Thus, the article describes the design of a cupola furnace, principles of its operation, and its main performance indicators. A summary of analytical and theoretical research of non-isothermal gas flow motion in shaft furnaces is presented herein. The results of the experimental studies of the patterns of change in gas-dynamic operation of the cupola furnace are also shown in the article. To assess the development of solid fuel combustion in the furnace, the laws that govern the changes in gas composition at the level of stockline have been studied. The results are shown in the Table. The analysis of the current state of thermal and gas-dynamic operation of the mineral wool cupola furnace yielded recommendations for optimization and performance enhancement of the operating cupola furnace.
Authors: S.V. Davydov, A.O. Gorlenko
Abstract: There is investigated the wear resistance of mottled irons with stabilized carbide phase, obtained by alloying iron with copper, chromium and sulfur. It is shown that during heat treatment the outer shell of the carbide phase inclusions, destabilized with copper, dissolves, leaving a core stabilized with chromium. Carbon from the carbide phase dissolution coats the surface of manganese sulphide inclusions, forming additional wear-resistant structural component of mottled iron. The resulting structures can be attributed to compositional structures, which morphology and phase composition can be controlled by alloying and heat treatment.
Authors: I.P. Mikhnev, N.A. Salnikova, M.B. Lempert
Abstract: In article results of a complex research of activity of natural radionuclides in construction raw materials of the Volgograd region are stated. The analysis of frequency distribution of effective specific activity of natural radionuclides in construction materials was carried out. It was revealed that the population of the Volgograd region is more exposed to radiation from construction materials, than on average across Russia. The radiation control while developing and marketing of construction materials to is a possible way to decrease a dosage power in premises.
Authors: A.A. Yusupova, R.T. Akhmetova, L.N. Shafigullin
Abstract: A technology for the production of sulfur composite materials based on waste from BaCl2 at Karpov Mendeleyevsk Plant (Russia) was developed. The physical chemical and quantum chemical studies were performed for the “sulfur – sulfide containing industrial waste–filler” system. The usage of sulfide ion CaS enables sulfur activation to promote the chemical interaction between the components and synthesis of sulfides and sulfur materials with high physical mechanical properties from them.
Authors: Dmitry V. Oreshkin, V.A. Perfilov
Abstract: The article considers the environmental, technological, and economic problems of recycling at application fine marble waste in the production of facing ceramic bricks by the volumetric coloring method. The environmental and economic feasibility of using fine marble waste is proved. Also the problem of obtaining ceramic sorbents is raised.
Authors: V.A. Perfilov, Dmitry V. Oreshkin
Abstract: The article suggests recycling aluminium and pipe industry wastes in the production of refractory materials. New compositions of light fibrous concrete are developed, compared to the known structures they have improved physical and mechanical properties and a low cost. This is achieved due to the lack of heat treatment and utilization of industrial waste. Aluminous slag and sulphate sludge are stored in open landfills. Recycling of slag and sludge helps to improve the ecological state of environment. This article describes the chemical composition of the waste and suggests the optimal ratio of the mixture components. The properties of refractory fibrous concretes were defined at hardening of mixture in the natural conditions in the absence of heat treatment.
Authors: D.V. Tuncev, Z.G. Sattarova, I.M. Galiev
Abstract: The article describes a new multilayer wood-polymer composite material, the outer layer of which comprises wood flour, polypropylene, polybutadiene, concentrated dye. The inner layer comprises longwise oriented wood particles of the fibrous type of 2-10 mm and the recycled thermoplastic polymer. An experimental complex used to identify structural and operational characteristics of the composite material was presented. The experimental study of the mechanical properties of the product hardness, abrasion, cross-breaking strength were conducted. The results of the tests selected and validated the composite structure.

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