Study on Interface Formation and Microstructures Evolution of Metal Shear Extrusion Bonding


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The static shear extrusion bonding experiment was carried out on the Q345 plates by the solid-state metal joining device with fast shearing. Meanwhile, based on the experimental and theoretical analysis, the influence of shear rate, the press quantity on the interface formation and microstructures evolution mechanism during shear extrusion bonding process were analyzed, and mechanical properties was investigated. The results show that with the increase of the press quantity, the interface formation divides into three stages, and the grain refinement is improved through dynamic recrystallization. The deformation work is provided by the bonding device, which is affected by shear rate. When the press quantity reaches 125%, the tensile strength of the specimens with high shear rate and low rate are 499.56MPa and 500.56MPa, respectively.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 266)

Edited by:

Ghenadii Korotcenkov and Syed H. Masood




R. D. Hou et al., "Study on Interface Formation and Microstructures Evolution of Metal Shear Extrusion Bonding", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 266, pp. 30-37, 2017

Online since:

October 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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