Material and Manufacturing Technology VIII

Volume 266

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Piyasak Akcaboot, Napat Kanokpornwasin, Monthida Raoarun, Patraporn Saiwattanasuk, Pinsuda Viravathana

Abstract: Co-promoted Cu/ZnO catalysts were studied for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS). All catalysts were prepared by the co-precipitation method,...

Authors: Tanaree Buaphean, Thamonwan Ketwongsa, Kowit Piyamongkala

Abstract: The chitosan resin forming with commercial detergent solution was used as adsorbent for removal of the methylene blue. The effect of the...

Authors: Meng Jin Fan, Yu Zhou, Yi Hao Luan, Qian Zang, Dong Xia Zhang, Cheng Yuan Shang, Wen Ge Jiang

Abstract: Non-isothermal DSC was used to study the cure kinetics of a flame-retardant benzoxazine resin system (BZ501-1) suitable for hot-melt prepreg...

Authors: Prima Endang Susilowati, Dahlia, Wulan Purnama Sari, Seitaro Mitsudo, La Ode Ngkoimani, I Nyoman Sudiana

Abstract: The dilute acid hydrolysis of fiber sago with cloride acid was undertaken in a microwave reactor system. The glucose and morphology analysis...

Authors: Heri Sutanto, Eko Hidayanto, Muhammad Irwanto, Mukholit, Singgih Wibowo, Hadiyanto

Abstract: N-ZnO thin layer is widely used in application of wastewater photo catalyst. N-ZnO thin films have been successfully deposited on glass...

Authors: I Nyoman Sudiana, Muhammad Zamrun Firihu, La Aba, La Ode Ngkoimani, Prima Endang Susilowati, Seitaro Mitsudo, Bambang Sunendar Purwasasmita, Komang Gde Suastika, Lina Lestari, Haji Aripin

Abstract: A series of experiments is made to produce silica, mixing with tin dioxide (SnO2), and characterizing for application of...

Authors: Chao Feng, Yi Xie, Zhong Wu

Abstract: In this study, attempt has been made to investigate the effect of SiC particles on the friction and wear properties of Ni/SiC composites...

Authors: Koorosh Gharehbaghi, Farshid Rahmani

Abstract: While performance and durability are the key features of any Material behavior, the greater the elasticity and flexibility ability the...

Authors: Pattarawadee Maijan, Nitinart Saetung, Wisut Kaewsakul

Abstract: Mixing behaviors of the compounds filled with different reinforcing fillers were studied in correlation with compound and vulcanizate...

Authors: Luigi A. Dahonog, Joey D. Ocon, Mary Donnabelle L. Balela

Abstract: Transition metal oxides and hydroxides, specifically nickel (Ni), are currently being studied for their pseudocapacitive behaviors due to...


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