Thixoforming of Hypereutectic AlSi12Cu2NiMg Automotive Pistons


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The microstructure and mechanical properties of thixoformed AlSi12Cu2NiMg (AЛ25) aluminium alloy were investigated. Cooling slope method was employed in order to produce non-dendritic billets. Thixoforming process parameters were determined as follows: die temperature of 250 °C, billet temperature of 555 - 560 °C, punch velocity of 7 mm/s. Mechanical properties of automotive piston with ultimate strength of 309 MPa, yield strength of 274 MPa and elongation of 6.8 % in the T6 condition were obtained successfully, implying success of advantages of cooling slope method.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 285)

Edited by:

Qiang Zhu, Ahmed Rassili, Stephen P. Midson and Xiao Gang Hu




A.B. Semenov et al., "Thixoforming of Hypereutectic AlSi12Cu2NiMg Automotive Pistons", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 285, pp. 446-452, 2019

Online since:

January 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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