Self-Formation Theory and Applications

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juras Ulbikas, Liudas Leonas, Daiva Ulbikienė, Stepas Janušonis

Abstract: Self-formation as a concept for irreversible evolution of the artificial object with complexity increase was introduced for understanding...

Authors: Stepas Janušonis

Abstract: Eight-dimensional topological space providing an object evolution in time, including causes of evolution is presented. Part of Euclidean...

Authors: Laurentiu Fara, Viorel Bădescu

Abstract: The paper discussed the solar cells based on Cu-CdS contact assimilated to a heterojunction. Two methods were considered for our analysis:...

Authors: N.L. Dmitruk, O.Yu Borkovskaya, O.I. Mayeva, I.B. Mamontova, T.V. Malysh

Abstract: This report is devoted to the investigation of self-organized microrelief morphology control and optimization of the microrelief processing...

Authors: Liudas Leonas, Stepas Janušonis

Abstract: Relatively high cost of energy produced by solar cells prevents them from being used widely. One of the ways to address this problem is to...

Authors: Juras Ulbikas, Karolis Požela, Daiva Ulbikienė

Abstract: Considering optimization of the technology and production of Solar Cells an overall goal is to lower the production costs per Watt through...

Authors: Ami Elazari

Abstract: Battery powered mobile appliances have been booming for years. Examples include power tools, laptop computers and mobile phones. A...

Authors: Vida Janušonienė, E. Leonienė, Liudas Leonas

Abstract: Solar cell (SC) cost reduction remains the main problem in PV development. Selfformation technology implementation is one of the ways to...

Authors: George Varghese, Jacob George

Abstract: Periodic precipitation pattern formation in reaction diffusion systems is interpreted as a moving boundary problem. All the existing laws...

Authors: Vitezslav Benda

Abstract: The paper refers about problems connected with development of course on photovoltaics in the bachelor level of the study. Curricula of a...


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