Self-Formation Theory and Applications

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vitezslav Benda

Abstract: The paper refers about a possibility to check recombination rate distribution over the area of power (large-area) solar cells from measured...

Authors: J. Sabataitytė, A. Rėza, Irena Šimkienė, A. Matulis, G.J. Babonas

Abstract: Porous surface layers were studied in a series of p-type Si samples etched anodically in electrolytes based on hydrofluoric acid. The...

Authors: Darius Milčius, L.L. Pranevičius, V. Širvinskaitė, T. Šalkus, A. Kežionis, A.F. Orliukas

Abstract: Thin films of ZrO2-8mol%Y2O3 have been deposed by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering method. The substrates of...

Authors: Darius Milčius, L.L. Pranevičius, Jurgita Nomgaudytė, Irmantas Barnackas

Abstract: The behaviors of hydrogen in Al, Mg and MgAl thin films on stainless steel substrate were investigated in this work. The hydrogen ions...

Authors: L.L. Pranevičius, Claude Templier, Donatas Mickevičius

Abstract: Surface atoms are activated as result of replacement collisional sequences in solids by incident ions. In dependence on theirs threshold...

Authors: Arvydas Tamulis, Vykintas Tamulis, Aiste Ziriakoviene

Abstract: There are presented logic gates of molecular electronics digital computers. Maximal length of these molecular electronics digital logic...

Authors: M.E. Kompan, A.E. Gorodetski, I.L. Tarasova

Abstract: A microscopic mechanism of the self-formation of a dense pore system in the porous silicon is proposed. According to it, the process of...

Authors: L.L. Pranevičius, Darius Milčius, R. Knizikevičius, Jurgita Nomgaudytė, B. Bobrovaitė

Abstract: Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) coatings were synthesized using dc magnetron sputter deposition of Y/Zr layers followed by thermal...

Authors: R. Augulis, Valentinas Snitka, R. Rotomskis

Abstract: Meso-tetra (4-sulfonatophenyl) porphine (TPPS4) is water-soluble tetrapyrrolic dye, which forms self assembled nanostructures –...

Authors: R. Augulis, R. Valiokas, B. Liedberg, R. Rotomskis

Abstract: The adsorption of organic molecules on solid surfaces is one of the fundamental processes for the development of molecular-based...


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