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Authors: A. Catellani, G. Cicero, Giorgio Galli, Laurent Pizzagalli
Authors: A. Catellani, G. Cicero, M.C. Righi, C.A. Pignedoli
Abstract: We review some recent investigations on prototypical SiC-based interfaces, as obtained from first-principles molecular dynamics. We discuss the interface with vacuum, and the role played by surface reconstruction in SiC homoepitaxy, and adatom diffusion. Then we move to the description of a buried, highly mismatched semiconductor interface, the one which occurs between SiC and Si, its natural substrate for growth: in this case, the mechanism governing the creation of a network of dislocations at the SiC/Si interface is presented, along with a microscopic description of the dislocation core. Finally, we describe a template solid/liquid interface, water on SiC: based on the predicted structure of SiC surfaces covered with water molecules, we propose (i) a way of nanopatterning cubic SiC(001) for the attachment of biomolecules and (ii) experiments to reveal the local geometry of adsorbed water.
Authors: C. Mucchino, T. Görög, L. Zanotti, G. Mignoni, A. Catellani
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