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Authors: Yan Dong Wang, Xiao Lin Wang, A.D. Stoica, Y.H. Sha, X. Zhao, Liang Zuo, James W. Richardson
Authors: X.L. Wang, Thomas Holden, A.D. Stoica, K. An, H.D. Skorpenske, A.B. Jones, G.Q. Rennich, E.B. Iverson
Abstract: On Friday June 26, 2009, the neutron beam shutter for the VULCAN diffractometer at the SNS was opened for the first time. Initial measurements to characterize the instrument performance are reported. It is shown that the measurement results are by and large in agreement with design calculations. New research opportunities with VULCAN are discussed.
Authors: Michael L. Benson, A.D. Stoica, Peter K. Liaw, Hahn Choo, T.A. Saleh, X.L. Wang, Donald W. Brown, Dwaine L. Klarstrom
Abstract: ULTIMET® alloy, a cobalt-based superalloy with good corrosion and wear resistant properties, exhibits a deformation-induced phase transformation from the face-centered-cubic (FCC) phase to the hexagonal-close-packed (HCP) phase. The HCP phase formation during monotonic tensile loading was investigated using in-situ neutron diffraction. The HCP phase is first observed at a stress level of 810 MPa, which is well beyond macroscopic yielding. Strain analysis is performed on the FCC phase diffraction data in order to relate the lattice-strain development with the evolution of the new HCP phase. A method of calculating the effective macroscopic stress associated with the measured lattice strains is presented here. The effective stress can then be compared to the applied macroscopic stress in order to draw conclusions about the load-partitioning behavior of the material as a new phase develops.
Authors: Yan Dong Wang, Xiao Lin Wang, A.D. Stoica, James W. Richardson
Authors: Yan Dong Wang, Xiao Lin Wang, A.D. Stoica, Jonathan Almer, U. Lienert, Dean R. Haeffner, T.R. Watkins
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