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Authors: A.E. Belyaev, O. Polupan, W. Dallas, Sergei S. Ostapenko, D. Hess, John Wohlgemuth
Abstract: An experimental approach for fast crack detection and length determination in fullsize solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers using a Resonance Ultrasonic Vibrations (RUV) technique is presented. The RUV method is based on excitation of the longitudinal ultrasonic vibrations in full-size wafers. Using an external piezoelectric transducer combined with a high sensitivity ultrasonic probe and computer controlled data acquisition system, real-time frequency response analysis can be accomplished. On a set of identical crystalline Si wafers with artificially introduced periphery cracks, it was demonstrated that the crack results in a frequency shift in a selected RUV peak to a lower frequency and increases the resonance peak band width. Both characteristics were found to increase with the length of the crack. The frequency shift and bandwidth serve as reliable indicators of the crack appearance in silicon wafers and are suitable for mechanical quality control and fast wafer inspection.
Authors: Alexander A. Lebedev, A.E. Belyaev, N.S. Boltovets, V.N. Ivanov, Raisa V. Konakova, Ya.Ya. Kudryk, Victor V. Milenin, V.N. Sheremet
Abstract: We studied the heat resistance of AuTiBx (ZrBx) barrier contacts to n-SiC 6H and n-GaN. The Schottky barrier diode (SBD) parameters, the concentration depth profiles for contact structure components and the phase composition of contact metallization were measured both before and after rapid thermal annealing (RTA) at temperatures up to 900 °С (1000 °С) for contacts to GaN (SiC 6H). It is shown that the layered structure of metallization and electrophysical properties of Schottky barriers (SBs) remain stable after RTA, thus indicating their heat resistance. The ideality factor n of the I-V characteristic of SBDs after RTA was 1.2, while the SB height φВ was ~0.9 eV (~0.8 eV) for the gallium nitride (silicon carbide) barrier structures.
Authors: Mykola S. Boltovets, V.N. Ivanov, A.Yu. Avksentyev, A.E. Belyaev, A.G. Borisenko, O.A. Fedorovitsh, Raisa V. Konakova, Ya.Ya. Kudryk, Petr M. Lytvyn, Victor V. Milenin, A.V. Sachenko, Yu.N. Sveschnikov
Abstract: In this communication we present the results of study of new contact systems to GaN epitaxial layers grown on sapphire and n-type 6H-SiC monocrystals. The TiBx nanostructure phase has been used during manufacturing Ti – Al – TiBx – Au and TiBx contact systems. The n-GaN epitaxial layers of 1 µm thickness were grown on [0001] sapphire substrate by vapor-phase epitaxy. The n-type 6H-SiC monocrystals were grown by Lely method with the donor concentration of 2x1018 cm3. The layers of Ti, Al, TiBx and Au were deposited by magnetron sputtering followed by high-temperature annealing.
Authors: S.M. Komirenko, Yu.G. Semenov, A.E. Belyaev, Yu.S. Ryabchenko
Authors: A.E. Belyaev, Hans Jürgen von Bardeleben, M.L. Fille, E. Oborina, Yu.S. Ryabchenko, A.U. Savchuk, Moissei K. Sheinkman
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