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Authors: V.S. Gaviko, A.G. Popov, G.V. Ivanova, N.V. Mushnikov, Y.V. Belozerov, A.S. Ermolenko, L.A. Shreder
Abstract: We have synthesized a novel intermetallic compound PrFe8Ga3C and studied its structure and magnetic properties. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that the compound possesses a tetragonal BaCd11-type structure (space group I41/amd). In this structure Ga atoms occupy the same sites as Fe atoms with preferably filling the 4(b) site. Magnetization curves have been measured on the aligned powder samples. Below the Curie temperature TC = 400 K the easy magnetization direction was found to orient within the (100) plane. At 80 K the compound has a spontaneous magnetization of 97 emu/g and anisotropy constant of 4.2107 erg/cm3. At room temperature these values reduce to 78 emu/g and 4.7106 erg/cm3, respectively.
Authors: A.E. Teplykh, S.G. Bogdanov, Yong Choi, Nikolai V. Kudrevatykh, A.N. Pirogov, A.G. Popov, Yu.N. Skryabin, V.P. Vyatkin
Abstract: Six samples of Nd-Fe-B-permanent magnets, distinguished in the texture degree, have been measured by neutron diffraction in the reflection and transmission regimes. The texture in the samples was formed by application of impulses of external magnetic field 0H = 4 T. Analysis of the obtained neutron diagrams by means of the Fullprof program allowed quantitative determination of the texture degree and conclusion to be made that the texture degree grows with an increase in numbers of magnetic field impulses.
Authors: V.V. Stolyarov, A.S. Ermolenko, Dmitriy Gunderov, A.G. Popov, Georgy I. Raab, T.Z. Puzanova, Ruslan Valiev, V.S. Gaviko, E.V. Belozerov
Authors: Ruslan Valiev, Dmitriy Gunderov, Alexandre P. Zhilyaev, A.G. Popov, Vladimir Pushin
Authors: N.I. Vlasova, V.S. Gaviko, A.G. Popov, N.N. Shchegoleva, L.A. Stashkova, Dmitriy Gunderov, Xavier Sauvage
Abstract: Equiatomic FePd alloy in the ordered state has been processed by means of high-pressure torsion deformation (HPTD) and then annealed. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and magnetic measurements have been carried out. HPTD results in an order-disorder transformation of the initial ordered L10-phase (s.g. P4/mmm) into a disordered fcc phase (s.g. Fm-3m) through the body-centered tetragonal (bct) phase (s.g. I4/mmm). Subsequent annealing restores the L10-phase.
Authors: A.G. Popov, D.I. Gorbunov, G.V. Ivanova, G.M. Makarova, A.V. Korolyov
Abstract: Spin-reorientation transitions in intermetallic (Pr1-xSmx)Fe8Ga3C compounds with the tetragonal BaCd11-type structure have been investigated. The magnetic phase diagram has been proposed for these compounds based on magnetic and X-Ray diffraction studies using their nanocrystalline ribbons and powders aligned in a magnetic field. In the concentration range 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4 the compounds exhibit an «easy-plane» anisotropy at all temperatures of the magnetically ordered state. The magnetic anisotropy of the compounds with 0.5 ≤ x ≤ 1 is of the «easy-cone» type. The SmFe8Ga3C compound with the highest Sm content is a uniaxial ferromagnet with no indications of a spin-reorientation transition below its Curie temperature.
Authors: V.M. Nadutov, N.V. Dan'ko, A.G. Popov, Vladimir S. Melnikov
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