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Authors: A.M. Hoff, E. Oborina
Abstract: Non-contact corona-voltage metrology is utilized to characterize as-grown thermal oxide films on 4H SiC substrates. Contact potential difference mapping is coupled with incremental application of corona charge to provide whole-wafer images of process related effects and multiplepoint capacitance-voltage characteristics respectively. Correspondence between wafer VCPD images and process details is suggested along with examples of fast electrical dielectric thickness determination and non-contact C-V characteristic acquisition.
Authors: A. Savtchouk, E. Oborina, A.M. Hoff, J. Lagowski
Authors: Shailaja P. Rao, Fabio Bergamini, Roberta Nipoti, A.M. Hoff, E. Oborina, Stephen E. Saddow
Abstract: Post-implant annealing of Al implanted 4H-SiC has been performed in the temperature range from 1600°C to 1750°C. Annealing was conducted in a hot-wall CVD reactor using a silanerich ambient. Ar was used as the carrier gas to deliver the silane to the annealing zone where the sample was heated via RF induction. The resulting annealed surfaces exhibited a step-bunch free, smooth morphology when viewed on SEM and AFM. The maximum surface roughness as measured via AFM was 0.65 nm RMS for the sample annealed at 1750°C.
Authors: A.M. Hoff, E. Oborina, Stephen E. Saddow, A. Savtchouk
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