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Authors: Anatoly M. Strel'chuk, A.V. Mashichev, Alexander A. Lebedev, A.N. Volkova, Konstantinos Zekentes
Abstract: The forward current was investigated in 4H-SiC p+n structures grown by sublimation epitaxy. The doping level, Nd-Na, of the n-layer was about (3-4)x1016 cm-3 and the diode area was in the range from 1x10-5 to 2x10-4 cm2. The observed current can be considered as current due to bulk recombination in the space charge region of the pn junction via deep level center or due to surface recombination. The criterion which was performed in this study to differentiate such currents was the investigation of recombination current versus perimeter/area ratio dependence. It was found that no pronounced difference in the recombination current parameters for diodes with different perimeter/area ratio was observed, i.e. current due to surface recombination was not observed for the 4H-SiC pn structures investigated.
Authors: Elena V. Bogdanova, Vitalii V. Kozlovski, D.S. Rumyantsev, A.N. Volkova, Alexander A. Lebedev
Authors: Marina G. Mynbaeva, A. Lavrent'ev, I. Kotousova, A.N. Volkova, K. Mynbaev, Alexander A. Lebedev
Abstract: Thermal stability of porous SiC (PSC) with nano-, micro- and double-layer porous structure is assessed through annealing the material at T=900–1700 0C in vacuum and Ar. Changes in composition of PSC under thermal treatment are correlated with porous structure modification. Limitations in PSC technology and applications due to compositional and structure evolution at high temperatures are discussed.
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