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Authors: Thierry J. Chotard, M.P. Boncoeur-Martel, A. Smith, J.P. Dupuy, Christian Gault
Authors: David S. Smith, N. Ghayoub, E. Sceal, A. Smith, Arthur H. Edwards
Authors: A. Smith, A. Miroux, Haiwen Luo, Jilt Sietsma, Sybrand van der Zwaag
Abstract: The softening kinetics of a 0.19 wt% C 1.5 wt% Mn steel deformed at two intercritical temperatures have been characterised using the stress relaxation technique. Recrystallisation of intercritical austenite has been modelled using a single grain model (Chen et al., 2002 [1]), whilst recovery of both intercritical austenite and ferrite has been modelled using a model in the literature [Verdier et al., 1999 [2]). The models are combined to predict the overall softening kinetics with a rule of mixtures formulation. Comparison of the model with experiment shows significant deviations. The reasons are discussed with reference to the mixture rule and to the local stress-strain distribution which exists in the deformed samples. A simple modification to the model is proposed which takes into account the effect of a local stress distribution in deformed austenite.
Authors: Thierry J. Chotard, A. Smith, N. Gimet-Bréard, Marc Huger, D. Fargeot, Christian Gault
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