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Authors: Olga Korostynska, Abbasi A. Gandhi, Alex Mason, Ahmed Al-Shamma'a, Syed A.M. Tofail
Abstract: Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a leading biocompatible material extensively used for bone implants as a porous ceramic graft and as a bioactive coating. Electrical characteristics of HA can be employed in implantable devices for real-time in vivo pressure sensor applications such as in knee or hip prosthesis. In particular, high piezo and pyroelectricity of HA, its polarisation by electron beam and selective adsorption of proteins on polarised domains indicate the potential for real-time biosensing applications of HA. For this purpose, a comprehensive understanding of the dielectric behaviour of different forms of HA over a frequency range relevant for biomedical sensing is critical. Such information for HA, especially its frequency dependent dielectric behaviour over the GHz range, is rare. To this end, we report on novel investigations of properties of HA in powder and film forms in the GHz frequency range.
Authors: Abbasi A. Gandhi, I.Z. Rahman, M.V.K. Mousavi, M.A. Rahman
Abstract: This paper reports on the effect of Sm doping concentration on structural and static magnetic properties of electrodeposited NiFe thin films. A reduction of Ni concentration from 80 to 50 percent was observed as the Sm concentration increased from 0 to 25%. XRD analyses revealed that a transition from crystalline to partially disordered state occurred on the Sm-doped NiFe thin films and ultimately transformed to amorphous state at higher concentration. The saturation magnetization decreased to ~50% at 25% Sm doping as compared to that of NiFe thin films.
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