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Authors: Xiang Dong Wang, Dao Yuan Xu, Wei Xuan Zhu, Ai Min Deng, Zhen Bo Wang
Authors: Xiang Dong Wang, Dao Yuan Xu, Zhen Bo Wang, Ai Min Deng, Wei Xuan Zhu
Authors: Xiang Dong Wang, Ai Min Deng, Wei Xuan Zhu, Yue Feng Wang, Fang Chao Liu
Abstract: The bearing capacity decreases continuously along with the deterioration of material property under the action of external effects. It is important to evaluate the damage of concrete, and the damage parameter plays an important role in this process. An experimentation method has been designed, which can simulate the initial damage by mixed initiator into concrete. Using the elastic modulus of axial compression experimentation, the initial damage D0 and damage threshold value Df have been gained. The Size effect of concrete compress damage parameters is verified.
Authors: Ai Min Deng, Xiang Dong Wang, Dao Yuan Xu
Abstract: With progress of the computer technology and numerical simulation method, the numerical simulation of the fracture process of concrete materials has become possible. In this paper, the numerical simulation models of the two types of samples were carried out with the SOLID65 concrete element based on the ANSYS software platform. According to the results, the non-linear characteristic of the concrete material exhibited in the loading process is reflected by the phenomenon that the slope of the later stage shows some reduction in the simulated load - loading point displacement curve. That is to say, the behavior of the appearance and development of cracks can be simulated with SOLID65 concrete element in ANSYS.
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