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Authors: Koshi Ando, Akinori Katsui, D.Y. Jeon, H.P. Gislason, G.D. Watkins
Authors: Atsushi Fujita, Hiroaki Matsushita, Akinori Katsui
Abstract: Lanthanide tantalite LnTaO4 (Ln= La, Nd, Sm, Dy, Er and Tm) was synthesized by a solid state reaction between mixed powders of Ln2O3 (Ln=La, Nd, Sm, Dy, Er and Tm) and Ta2O5. The single-phase LnTaO4 was prepared by sintering at temperatures of 1423-1673 K in air. The SEM observation showed that the particles were provided with the growth steps and the depeloped facets. The photocatalytic activity for water splitting of LnTaO4 prepared was measured under UV light irradiation. The activity obtained was higher than that previously reported. These results suggested the crystallinity of LnTaO4 photocatalysts correlates closely with the efficiency of water splitting.
Authors: Yuhsuke Takahashi, Hiroaki Matsushita, Akinori Katsui
Abstract: The preparation of single-phase CuLaO2 with delafossite-type structure by means of the solid-state reaction method was investigated using X-ray diffraction. The results showed that notwhistanding the fact that there was a trace of metallic copper, nearly single-phase CuLaO2 was obtained by using La(OH)3 as a lanthanum source and by firing the mixed powder with nonstoichiometric composition ratio of La(OH)3:Cu2O =1:1.425 in a vacuum at 1273 K for 10 h. The measurement of electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient showed that CuLaO2 thus obtained was a p-type semiconductor and had a Seebeck coefficient of approximately 70 /V/K.
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