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Authors: Al. Rempel, K. Blaurock, K.J. Reichle, W. Sprengel, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: A. Spirin, Victor Ivanov, Alexandr Lipilin, S. Paranin, Vladimir Khrustov, Alexey Nikonov, Al. Rempel, S. Ivin
Abstract: Fabrication of dense YSZ electrolytes and porous LSM cathodes in the shape of tubes using a radial magnetic pulsed compaction of multilayered tubular blanks of powder tapes has been investigated. The tapes were prepared with butyral resin binder. The multilayered blanks were compacted magnetically. Magnetic pressures of 0.2-0.3 GPa in amplitude, sintering temperatures as low as 1100-1300 °C (in air) with holding time of 20-540 min have been used. Cathode tubes of 0.2-1.0 mm thick exhibited the reproducible open porosity up to 45 %. YSZ electrolyte tubes with the wall of 100-450 microns thick had near full relative density, 0.97-0.99, and were characterized with grains of 200-500 nm in size on the average depending on the sintering temperature. The electrochemical cells built up of as-prepared tubular electrolytes and traditional research electrodes were tested under the air-hydrogen fuel cell conditions. The specific output power, 0.6 W cm-2, was realized at temperature of 885 °C.
Authors: Christoph Seitz, Al. Rempel, Andreas Magerl, M. Gomm, W. Sprengel, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: W. Sprengel, Al. Rempel, F. Baier, K. Sato, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
Authors: M.A. Müller, Al. Rempel, K.J. Reichle, W. Sprengel, J. Major, Hans Eckhardt Schaefer
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