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Authors: Pieter Samyn, Alessandro Ledda, Jan Quintelier, Isabel Van Driessche, Gustaaf Schoukens, Patrick de Baets, Wim De Waele
Abstract: Polymer wear debris particles undergo a thermal and mechanical (shear) cycle since their generation and therefore contain information on the friction and wear processes, while it is often difficult to draw quantitative data from them relating to transitions in tribological behaviour. Results from thermal DTA/TGA analysis and morphological pattern spectra of debris are presented and related to a transition at 180°C sliding temperatures own to hydrolysis and imidisation.
Authors: Jan Quintelier, Patrick de Baets, Joris Degrieck, Alessandro Ledda, W. Philips, Hugo Sol, Danny Van Hemelrijck
Abstract: The Laboratory Soete developed a new test setup, based on the well-known pin-on-disc test rig. Instead of the standard composite specimen and steel disc, a rotating composite disc and a steel pin is presently used to have a visible wear track. Other measurement techniques (Acoustic Emission, vibrations, temperature) can be used on the test rig. Continuous monitoring of the wear track combined with standard wear and friction measurements, give results of the current state of the wear track. Fourier frequency analysis (FFT) of these signals gives an indication of the change in condition and contact geometry of the resulting pin-disc combination. A high-speed camera will be used to acquire digital images of the worn composite surface. These online measurements yield to the gradual evolution in damage of the composite specimens.
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