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Authors: Ali Gholinia, Ian Brough, John F. Humphreys, Pete S. Bate
Abstract: A combination of electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and focused ion beam (FIB) techniques were used to obtain 3D EBSD data in an investigation of dynamic recrystallization in a Cu-2%Sn bronze alloy. The results of this investigation show the origin of the nucleation sites for dynamic recrystallization and also elucidates the orientation relationship of the recrystallized grains to the deformed, prior grains and between the dynamically recrystallized grains.
Authors: T. Hussain, Ali Gholinia, Colin Leach
Authors: C.T. Chou, Ali Gholinia
Abstract: A new method, the elementary facet method for the grain boundary (GB) orientation measurement using three dimensional EBSD data obtained from serial sectioned sample surfaces, has been applied to a nickel superalloy sample. The principles of this method are described and a part of results obtained are given.
Authors: John F. Humphreys, Pete S. Bate, Ali Gholinia, Ian Brough
Abstract: The effect of second-phase particles on the deformation and annealing behaviour of metals is re-assessed in the light of some new techniques. Using an EBSD method which provides much improved angular resolution, the effect of small non-deformable particles on the homogeneity of the deformation microstructure has been quantified. The presence of micron sized second-phase particles alters the deformation microstructure adjacent to particles, and a 3-d investigation of the deformation structures associated with large (>1μm) second-phase particles in cold rolled aluminium alloys has been carried out using 3-d FIB sectioning combined with EBSD, and the microstructures compared with the predictions of 3-d CPFEM modelling. The effects of grain orientation, strain and particle size have been investigated, and the results compared with earlier TEM investigations of such microstructures.
Authors: Ali Gholinia, John F. Humphreys, Philip B. Prangnell
Authors: A.A. Rasmussen, Ali Gholinia, Patrick W. Trimby, Marcel A.J. Somers
Abstract: The influence of heat treatment on the microstructure and the microtexture of electrodeposited Ni and Ni-Co layers was investigated with Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) with high resolution. Samples were annealed for 1 hour at 523 K and 673 K, the temperature region wherein recrystallisation occurs. The results are discussed in relation to the resolution of EBSD for the very fine grained electrodeposits and previous X-ray diffraction investigations.
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