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Authors: Aljoša Košak, Darko Makovec, Miha Drofenik
Authors: Miha Drofenik, M. Kristl, Darko Makovec, Aljoša Košak
Abstract: Sonochemically assisted co-precipitation has been used to prepare nanosized manganesezinc- ferrite powder. A suspension of constituent hydroxides was ultrasonically irradiated for various times with high-intensity ultrasound radiation (20 kHz, 750 W) using a direct-immersion titanium horn. The average grain size and magnetization of the synthesized MnZn-ferrite nanoparticles gradually increases with the time of ultrasonic irradiation.
Authors: Miha Drofenik, Darko Makovec, Aljoša Košak, M. Kristl
Authors: Aljoša Košak, Darko Makovec, Miha Drofenik
Abstract: MnZn-ferrite nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution were prepared in situ in water-CTAB-hexanol microemulsions using a two-step process: the precipitation of the corresponding hydroxides, followed by the oxidation of the Fe2+. The influence of the temperature and the time of the precipitation step was systematically studied.
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