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Authors: Álvaro Rico, Miguel Ángel Garrido, Alicia Salazar, Enrique Otero, J. Rodríguez
Abstract: It has been generally accepted that a nanostructured material exhibits better properties than conventional ones. Nanostructured ceramic coatings fabricated by plasma spray have been developed for a wide variety of applications where a surface protection is required. Alumina - titania coatings are usually used as protective layers in many industrial applications requiring a high wear resistance during dry sliding contact. In this work, nanostructured and conventional Al2O3 – 13% TiO2 coatings deposited via atmospheric plasma spray were compared. Mechanical characterization was carried out using depth sensing indentation to determine hardness and Young´s modulus of the coatings. Size independent properties can be determined after considering geometrical factors such as tip rounding and indenter deformation. Nanostructured coatings show slightly better mechanical properties than conventional coatings.
Authors: Álvaro Rico, Miguel Ángel Garrido, Enrique Otero, J. Rodríguez
Abstract: An experimental study was performed to evaluate the roughness effect on the determination of hardness and Young´s modulus of ceramic materials from nanoindentation tests. Several specimens polished at various stages were tested at different peak load values. Local roughness measurements have been done by means of atomic force microscopy. Results indicate that roughness and size effects are joined. Proportional Specimen Resistant Modified model (PSRM) was applied to avoid the scale effect, isolating the roughness influence. Indentations where the average roughness-elastic displacement ratio is lower than a critical value are needed to get consistent results.
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