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Authors: Francois Templier, Pierre Ferret, Lea Di Cioccio, Emmanuel Collard, André Lhorte, Thierry Billon
Authors: Dominique Tournier, Pascal Bevilacqua, Dominique Planson, Hervé Morel, Pierre Brosselard, Josep Montserrat, André Lhorte, S. Carcouet, D. Leonard
Abstract: The expansion of the electrical communications and distribution networks strongly contribute to the increase in the risks of appearance of defaults, such as over-voltage and/or over-current. These developments promote the emergence of safety devices for serial protection commonly named Current Limiting Devices (CLD's). This work presents the design, manufacture and characterization of silicon carbide accuMOSFET of high power density ratings. Components able to limit the current up to 450A @ 350V were manufactured and characterized. Specific characterization test benches were developed, able to provide high energy pulses required for characterization. CLDs behavior subjected to short overloads has been measured experimentally and analyzed be means of simulations for long-time overloads. A maximum sustainable high energy of 35 Joules has been estimated. This achievement give opportunities to build new architectures of serial protection systems.
Authors: Wilfried Vervisch, Laurent Ventura, Bernard Pichaud, Gérard Ducreux, Frédéric Lanois, André Lhorte
Authors: B. Laurent, Dominique Mangelinck, Bernard Pichaud, André Lhorte, J.B. Quoirin
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