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Authors: Patrick J. Masset, Rossen Yankov, Andreas Kolitsch, Michael Schütze
Abstract: Surfaces of titanium aluminides were treated by fluorine either physically using Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PI³) or chemically with a F-based polymer. By controlling the fluorination parameters, both treatments improve the oxidation resistance even in the presence of sulfur dioxide (0.1 vol%). No sulfur was detected in the oxide scale although thermodynamic calculations predict the formation of sulfides. The inward diffusion of oxygen and nitrogen in the alloy was found to be reduced in the presence of SO2.
Authors: Alexander Donchev, Michael Schütze, Andreas Kolitsch, Rossen Yankov
Abstract: High temperature Ti-alloys are usually sophisticated and hence expensive. To allow the use of cheaper alloys at elevated temperatures an economic and easy to apply procedure was developed to improve their high temperature capability. The treatment consists of a combination of Al-enrichment in a shallow surface region plus additional fluorination. The Al-enrichment at elevated temperatures leads to the formation of intermetallic TiAl-phases. These phases improve the oxidation resistance of Ti-alloys but not to a sufficient extent. An additional fluorine treatment of the Al-enriched surface leads to the formation of a protective alumina scale due to the fluorine effect. In this paper results from high temperature exposure tests performed on different Ti-alloys without any treatment and with a combination of Al-treatment plus fluorination are presented. The results are discussed in the view of the use of the optimized Ti-components for several high temperature applications.
Authors: W. Fukarek, C. Fitz, Andreas Kolitsch, W. Möller
Authors: M.F. Plass, W. Fukarek, Andreas Kolitsch, W. Möller
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