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Authors: Gheorghe Brezeanu, M. Badila, Phillippe Godignon, José Millan, F. Udrea, Andrej Mihaila, G. Amaratunga
Authors: S.J. Rashid, C. Mark Johnson, F. Udrea, Andrej Mihaila, G. Amaratunga, Rajesh Kumar Malhan
Abstract: A novel high temperature wire bondless packaging technique is numerically investigated in this paper. Extraction of device effective resistivity with temperature from numerical characteristics of 1.2kV 4H-SiC MOSFETs at a current density of 400A/cm2 have demonstrated a T−2 temperature dependence. Electro-thermal finite element analysis (FEA) of 1.2kV 4H-SiC MOSFETs sandwiched between two etched direct-bonded-copper substrate tiles has been performed. The thermal resistance of the ceramic sandwich package shows a 75% reduction in thermal resistance compared to conventional wire bonded assemblies. Mechanical analysis of the assembly has been used to investigate the residual stresses in the SiC dies at room temperature, which are then alleviated at higher temperatures during device operation. Mismatch of the expansion coefficients of the auxiliary materials in the assembly result in elevated stresses at full load operation, however these are well below the tensile strength of the respective materials and hence do not compromise the mechanical integrity of the package.
Authors: Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, S.J. Rashid, G. Amaratunga, Mitsuhiro Kataoka, Yuuichi Takeuchi, Rajesh Kumar Malhan
Abstract: An investigation concerning suitable termination techniques for 4H-SiC trench JFETs is presented. Field plates, p+ floating rings and junction termination extension techniques are used to terminate 1.2kV class PiN diodes. The fabricated PiN diodes evaluated here have a similar design to trench JFETs. Therefore, the conclusions for PiN diodes can be applied to JFET structures as well. Numerical simulations are also used to illustrate the effect of the terminations on the diodes’ blocking mode behaviour.
Authors: S.J. Rashid, Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, Rajesh Kumar Malhan, G. Amaratunga
Authors: Gheorghe Brezeanu, F. Udrea, G. Amaratunga, Andrej Mihaila, Phillippe Godignon, José Millan, M. Badila
Authors: Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, Phillippe Godignon, T. Trajkovic, Gheorghe Brezeanu, Jose Rebollo, José Millan
Authors: Gheorghe Brezeanu, C. Boianceanu, M. Brezeanu, Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, G. Amaratunga
Abstract: The behavior of the MOS switch and of two cascode configurations are evaluated, by using OR-CAD simulations, and the resulting data are comparatively presented. By analytical and numerical investigations, the superior performance of the multiple cascode circuit is demonstrated.
Authors: Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, Gheorghe Brezeanu, R. Azar, G. Amaratunga
Authors: Andrej Mihaila, F. Udrea, R. Azar, Gheorghe Brezeanu, G. Amaratunga
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