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Authors: Vladimir Ilich Sankin, Nikita S. Averkiev, Andrey M. Monakhov, Pavel P. Shkrebiy, Alla A. Lepneva, Andrey G. Ostroumov, Pavel L. Abramov, Elena V. Bogdanova, Sergey P. Lebedev, Anatoliy M. Strelchuk
Abstract: In this work, we have studied I-V characteristics of Al breakdown in 6H-, 4H- and 15R-SiC in electrical field. As a result there obtained the next original data: 1) decreasing dependence of breakdown field due to the concentration increase in the range of Na – Nd = 5x1017–1019 cm-3; 2) absence of low temperature breakdown when Na - Nd< 1017 cm-3; 3) increasing of breakdown field while temperature declines from 77K to 4.2K; 4) at 300K the breakdown field decreases and the breakdown takes place in samples with the absence of low temperature breakdown; 5) gigantic enhancement of breakdown field at F||C. 6) the theoretical analysis based on the theory of a zero radius potential supports the probability of breakdown field enhancement at F||C.
Authors: Vladimir Ilich Sankin, Andrey M. Monakhov, Pavel P. Shkrebiy
Abstract: In the 6H-SiC p+-n--n+ junction the effect of the premature breakdown has been revealed. This effect stimulated by the small temperature increase and illumination by light with energy greater than the bandgap energy of 6H-SiC. The breakdown field appears to be 20% less than the intrinsic breakdown field in these structures.
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