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Authors: Ludwik Majewski, Arkadiusz Trąbka
Abstract: This paper presents an assessment of dynamic properties of a die hammer. The object of research is the steam-air die hammer MPM 10000 B that is considered taking into account the deformations of the working material. Based upon the technical specifications, two calculation models of the hammer were developed assuring the proper selection of the parameters. Next, the numerical simulations were performed, which results were presented in a graphical form as time histories of displacements and accelerations of particular elements of the hammer. It was demonstrated that the analyzed design of a die hammer has sufficiently low level of vibration amplitudes as well as their accelerations.
Authors: Jacek Kłosiński, Ludwik Majewski, Arkadiusz Trąbka
Abstract: A strategy for control of a system of two electrical vibrators mounted onto the vibrating plate of a typical small table vibrator was discussed in the present paper. The aim of the considered control system is rapid positioning of counterbalances for ensuring achievement of the assumed directions of vibrations and loading forces (where , m is unbalanced mass, ω is angular velocity of the vibrator shaft, e is distance between the unbalanced mass and the vibrator rotary axis). The strategy of the control consists in setting of different directions of vibrator rotations together with controlled change of vibration frequency and amplitude. Numerical analysis was performed. The obtained results are presented in a graphical form.
Authors: Arkadiusz Trąbka, Ludwik Majewski, Jacek Kłosiński
Abstract: Dynamics of two models (simplified and complex) of a small, typical vibrating table is considered in the paper. The table consists of vibrating plate and electrical vibrator, mounted in the central position of the plate, which excites the vibrations of the table. The coefficient of transversal stiffness of the spring has been determined on the basis of numerical simulation. The spring is an essential element of the system. The results of performed numerical simulations are presented in the graphical form.
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