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Authors: Zhen Zhou, L.B. Li, Y. Qin, D.Z. Ma, B. Niu
Abstract: Firstly this paper introduces gray relation analysis, and then it draws various reasons of electromagnetic flowmeter malfunction in combination with data provided by one company. And the paper calculates the probabilities of the various reasons adopting classical statistics, and equalizes these failure rate data to get sequence difference, and then obtains grey incidence coefficient and correlation degree. Then the paper sorts these correlation degrees to confirm the influence degree of the failure modes. Finally, the bleaching information required is obtained.
Authors: Zhen Zhou, L.N. Zhang, Y. Qin, D.Z. Ma, B. Niu
Abstract: Characteristics of field failure data are analyzed in this paper. The failure data and sales record of LZL-type mass flowmeter are used to infer life distribution of this conduct. The lines can be fitted in coordinates of six distribution using least square and the residual sum of squares are compared, the minimum correspond is the best distribution type. The results show that the life distribution style of this conduct is the two parameter exponential distribution, which is the base to analyze and predict failure development, research failure mechanism and draw up maintenance policy.
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