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Authors: Jun Suh Yu, B.S. Lee, Sung Churl Choi, Ji Hun Oh, Jae Chun Lee
Abstract: Electrically conductive porous Si/SiC fiber media were prepared by infiltration of liquid silicon into porous carbon fiber preforms. The series rule of mixture for the effective electrical conductivity was applied to the disc shaped samples to estimate their silicon content, effective electrical conductivity and porosity. The electrical conductivity was estimated by assuming the disc sample as a plate of equivalent geometry, i.e., same thickness, electrode distance and volume. As the volumetric content of silicon in a sample increases from 0.026% to 0.97%, the estimated electrical conductivity increases from 0.17 S/cm to 2.09 S/cm. The porosity of the samples measured by Archimedes principle was in the range of 75~83% and 1~4% less than the one estimated by the series rule of mixture for the effective electrical conductivity.
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