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Authors: Hyun Cho, D.M. Lee, K.H. Bang, B.W. Lee
Abstract: Effect of ceramic coating (TiN, TiCN, TiAlN or Al2O3) on the wear resistance and thermal oxidation behavior of Inconel 617 alloy (Ni-22Cr-12.5Co-9Mo-1Al) have been examined. TiAlN and Al2O3 coatings showed lower wear loss than bare Inconel 617 and the enhanced thermal oxidation resistance at 1000oC by suppressing the inhomogeneous formation of Cr2O3 at the surface region through the reaction between oxygen and grain boundary-diffused Cr, one of the main component of Inconel 617 alloy, while TiN and TiCN coatings showed poor temperature stability at the temperature region above 600 oC.
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