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Authors: Dong Sheng Liu, Ying Yu, Zhi Wen Zong, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: This paper uses the ANSYS software to do the finite element analysis of deflection of short fiber rubber sheeting mill roll. According to the analysis of the mill roll under different horizontal pressure, obtain analysis data of deflection of different mill roll diameters. Then according the technological parameters required to select the most appropriate mill roll diameter.
Authors: Yan Jun Fan, Yao Liu, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: This paper studies the physical prototype performance of electrical screw tire vulcanizing machine and the radial tire produced by industrial prototype, which proves the working principle of electrical screw tire vulcanizing machine is feasible and can be applied to manufacture. At the same time, it has the advantages such as simple structure, convenient manufacture, reliable work, convenient operation and high precision in producing radial tires. Therefore, this technology has a broad application future, and should be popularized during improvement.
Authors: Jia Wang, Yu Guang Gong, Dong Sheng Liu, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: This paper, through optimization of staggered tooth of sleeper molds based on FEM, obtains the structure of staggered tooth better than the original one. And in the condition of meeting the requirements of material strength ,stiffness and safety, it saves about 12.52 percent of steel.
Authors: Zhi Qiang Wang, Yan Jun Fan, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: This paper, after optimization of the vertical slab in screw tire-shaping vulcanizing machine taking the method of FEM, shows that the stiffener-inside slab is better than the stiffener-outside, the slab with the structure of stiffeners is better than the bare-board one. Meanwhile, it cuts about 23.69% cost of the steel to take the optimized scheme.
Authors: Yi Zhou Pei, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: Through the laboratory research on the one step injection molding technology, as well as a series of industrialization researches on the injection tire capsule, injection oilfield used screw drill rubber stator and injection solid tire, this thesis presents the principle of one step injection molding technology and proves the feasibility, practicability of this technology. Substituting the traditional compression molding method, one step injection molding is a new technology with high efficiency, good product quality and low cost; it also has a broad prospect of application and huge developing potential.
Authors: Yao Liu, Xin Yue Liu, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: Through the experimental comparison of free feeding technology, roller feeding technology and spiral engagement feeding technology, it can be seen that the spiral engagement feeding technology has significantly increased production capacity, improved extrusion stability, reduced the energy consumption and does not hold shaft, not leak rubber, etc; at the same time, industrial application research on spiral engagement cold feeding extruder was carried out, as well as expanding its application research on this extruder with short fiber compound and environmental protection plate compound which is composed by waste plastic, rubber compound and waste oil. It proves that the work principle of spiral engagement cold feeding technology is feasible, also demonstrates that this extruder has a broad prospect of application.
Authors: Dong Mei Jiao, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: This thesis presents one kind of new moulding technology of screw drill stator bushing--one-step injection moulding technology, based on which the one-step injection moulding equipment is developed. In the meantime, the compounding to produce screw drill stator bushing is proposed. Experiment on this equipment and the compounding proved this equipment has energy-saving, room-saving, structure-compacting, and low labor-consuming qualities. Moreover, the products have higher density, longer service life, and lower rejection ratio.
Authors: Ying Yu, Jia Wang, Yu Guang Gong, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: In this paper, Φ120 rubber sheeting extruder is used as an example, It analyses reversely die shape through a given product shape, analyses the distributions of the velocity field and pressure field by POLYFLOW, and carries out the finite element analysis and structural optimization design of head runner.
Authors: Xin Yue Liu, Zhi Qiang Wang, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: The conception of the modular design is introduced in design and manufacture of cold feeding rubber extruders; and the realization of process is expounded in details. It improves design efficiency and product quality significantly, and meets the needs of the time.
Authors: Zhi Wen Zong, Dong Sheng Liu, Jia Wang, Bai Yuan Lv
Abstract: Using Moldflow software, numerical studies of the Three-dimensional velocity vector distribution of molten fluid in the process of filling the inside mold cavity in one-step[1] injection mold filling method, analysis of the melt flow front temperature in mold cavity, cavity pressure and die time under the conditions of different injection pressure. The results of the simulation have some theoretical significance on the designing mold and choice of injection process.
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