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Authors: Yong Feng Li, Bao Gang Wang, Qi Liang Fu, Yi Xing Liu, Xiao Ying Dong
Abstract: In order to improve the value-added applications of low-quality wood, a novel composite, wood-polymer composite, was fabricated by in-situ terpolymerization of MMA, VAc and St within wood porous structure. The structure of the composite and the reaction of monomers within wood were both analyzed by SEM and FTIR, and the mechanical properties were also evaluated. The SEM observation showed that the polymer mainly filled up wood pores, suggesting good polymerizating crafts. The FTIR results indicated that under the employed crafts, three monomers terpolymerized in wood porous structure, and grafted onto wood matrix through reaction of ester group from monomers and hydroxyl group from wood components, suggesting chemical combination between the two phases. The mechanical properties of the wood-polymer composite involving modulus of rupture, compressive strength, wearability and hardness were improved 69%, 68%, 36% and 210% over those of untreated wood, respectively. Such method seems to be an effective way to converting low-quality wood to high-quality wood.
Authors: Yun Lin Fu, Yong Feng Li, Yi Xing Liu, Bao Gang Wang
Abstract: A novel Wood-Polymer Composite, Wood-PSt composite combining both advantages of wood and polystyrene was fabricated by determining the polymerization craft of monomer in wood porous structure through impregnating monomer into wood pores and followed by in-situ polymerization through a thermal-catalyst treatment. The performance was examined, and its structure was also characterized by SEM and FTIR. The results indicate that the optimum polymerizing craft is: 80oC, 8h and 3% AIBN. Under the optimum craft, the mechanical properties involving modulus of elasticity and compression strength were linearly increased with content of polystyrene. SEM and FTIR show that styrene polymerized under the employed polymerization craft, and the resultant polystyrene relatively full generated in wood cellular structure, in accordance with the results of the optimum polymerizing craft. Such composite having good mechanical properties and biomass features can be widely used in fields of construction, traffic and furniture.
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