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Authors: Di Li, Guo Qiang Li, Bao Lan Guo, Ming Xia Peng
Authors: Di Li, Ji Hua Liu, Pei Ying Liu, Guo Wei Zhu, Bao Lan Guo
Authors: Li Qun Bai, Di Li, Bao Lan Guo, Min Guo
Abstract: The different chrome-free chemical conversion coatings were prepared on AZ91D magnesium alloy and SEM was used to observe the surface. The corrosion behaviors of die-casting AZ91D magnesium alloy with different coating in chloride environment were investigated by hydrogen gas evolution in immersion test, salt spray test and electrochemical measurement. The results showed that the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy treated with two-step chemical conversion and sealing was the highest and was comparable with that of chromating, and followed by two-step chemical conversion treatment without sealing. The one-step chemical conversion treatment had the lowest corrosion resistance. Polarization and EIS characteristics in 5% NaCl solution depended on the type of surface treatment and correlated well with the order of corrosion resistance. Contrasted with one-step chemical conversion coating, the coating of two-step chemical conversion with sealing on magnesium alloy had more excellent corrosion resistance because the |Z| increased, the corrosion area was decreased and the time of the first pitting occurrence was prolonged. It is expected that this experiment can provide a foundation for designing more super chemical conversion coating to replacing the chromate conversion.
Authors: Di Li, Yue Peng Deng, Bao Lan Guo, Guo Qiang Li
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