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Authors: Bin Feng, Xiu Hua Shi, Zhi Qiang Kang
Abstract: A cheap signal processing circuit was designed to replace expensive special charge amplifier which was used for shock wave pressure sensor. We used conventional electrical components to design the charge amplifying circuit and the filter circuit. A fine image of shock pressure wave was got using this signal processing circuit in a real fire experiment.
Authors: Bin Feng, Xiang Zhong Meng
Abstract: In order to establish a larger sensing area (10m×10m) and perform higher precision of the measurement system during barrel weapon test of vertical target dispersion, an optical detector is provided additionally in acoustic array to form a new measurement model, which does not only have the advantage of large sensing area, but also of higher precision. The paper presents and gives the measuring formula of the measuring model, and provides analysis on the measurement error. The simulation result showes that the errors of x and y Coordinates are 5mm and 15mm respectively.
Authors: Zhi Qiang Kang, Xiu Hua Shi, Qi Li, Bin Feng
Abstract: For rapid detection of defects, this paper selected by the grid method in the whole image defect in the area, and then use the grid template to a defect in the image area can not be narrowed down to so far, and there is only a small area defect image processing. Detection of small defects in the fabric, through the Wavelet transform and other image enhancement comparison and the fabric defect detection experiment found that wavelet transform for image enhancement characteristics of a local image enhancement processing, can achieve better detection of weak targets the effect of small fabric defect detection to improve accuracy and efficiency, real time, to achieve rapid industrial fabric defect detection requirements.
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