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Authors: Zhi Jun Gao, Hong Yu Wang, Tie Chi, Bin Ma
Abstract: In this paper, we researched the monitoring technology of structural health which based on wireless sensor networks, and combined with the characteristics of structures, we designed a wireless sensor network monitoring systems, then the composition and topology of wireless sensor networks was proposed. At last, we used the improved ant colony algorithm to develop network energy-saving strategy which parameters are the energy of wireless sensor nodes, resized using node energy to control the routing between nodes, effectively reducing the energy consumption of wireless sensor monitoring network. The simulation result proved that the algorithm is effective, reliable and energy-saving effect.
Authors: Bin Ma, Qing Bin Meng, Feng Yu, Zhong Hua Han, Chang Tao Wang
Abstract: In this paper, a controller is designed based on improved fuzzy PID to solve the problem that the dc motor performance of speed and dynamic is poor when using the conventional PID controller for the lack of adaptive capacity of the controller parameters. The improved fuzzy control algorithm is used for the tuning of PID controller to get good speed performances, which automatically adjust the parameter of PID controller according to the motor speed. The simulation results show that the improved fuzzy PID control with the advantages of fast response, small overshoot and strong anti-interference capability can effectively improve the dynamic characteristics and steady state accuracy.
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