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Authors: Ling Wang, Bo Mo, Ke Gao
Abstract: The existing problem of current laser pulse receiving system is that the laser pulses width is too narrow to be directly collected. And the consistency of the four signals acquisition is very strict. To deal with these problems, a new design of laser pulse receiver will be introduced in this article. This laser pulse receiving system includes the following structures: new high-speed laser pulse receiving hardware based on CPLD and Four-Quadrant Detectors, new peak-hold circuit of laser pulse, high-speed parallel ADC system, and processing data with fast interpolation algorithm in a Floating-Point DSP. Through the new design of high-speed parallel ADC system, the receiving system is able to simultaneously complete the timing of four high-speed laser pulse signals acquisition and the storing of data. The new construction of high-speed parallel acquisition is a core module in this design. And a new flow how to the DSP handle the data with fast interpolation algorithm will also be introduced in this article.
Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, Bo Tang, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: In this paper, the Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) and reducer are used to drive each axis of three-axis turntable. In real-time servo control systems, the position loop parameters are designated by the software CME2, and the frequency band of the middle frame with the specified amplitude can be measured. Then, the drive model is alternated to the velocity loop, and two frequency bands will be got by using the controller of NI PXI-7344 and NI 9514 separately. The reason why the three frequency bands are different can be given by analyzing the data of the three sweep tests. In addition, both advantages and disadvantages of two NI motion controllers are illustrated. Finally, the paper points out the new motion control solutions to improve the performance of the servo system by autonomous intelligent control algorithm.
Authors: Lai Bin Xu, Shu Xing Yang, Bo Mo
Abstract: Variable Sweep Control Wing (VSCW) was introduced to generate the rolling control moment with the sweep angle differences between the left and the right wings. Influence flexible matrixes were generated to obtain the deflection of the effective angle of attack (AOA) of the flexible swept wing. Comparison between aileron control surface and VSCW shows that VSCW can get benefit from wing flexibility, which degrades the control effectiveness of the traditional aileron. The main advantage and difference from the traditional aircraft is that VSCW has higher control effectiveness and can prevent control reversal especially at high flight speed range; and at low speed, with an AOA variation device VSCW can get similar rolling control performance compared with traditional aileron control surface.
Authors: Ling Wang, Bo Mo, Ke Gao, Jin Lin
Abstract: A simulation system on information flow is designed to emulate the data communication on the RS-485 bus, the 1553B bus and the Ethernet bus. This simulation system has a high requirement for the extendibility, and it must have an ability to regulate and reconfigure the information flow on the three buses. To deal with the above problems, the simulation system has to be designed as a reconfigurable extendible real-time multi-bus simulation system. In order to meet the real-time requirements for the simulation of the information flow and the universal property for the most systems, this simulation system must be carried out based on a real-time operating systems (VxWorks) and a common hardware platforms. Firstly, this simulation system will have a total emulation and a whole simulation for the information flow, the communication status, the monitor nodes and the control nodes on each of the three buses. Secondly, this simulation system defines an extendible protocol between the simulation sever and the simulation terminals, and strictly plan the information flow among the simulation terminals to achieve the design requirements of the actual system. And then the simulation system has to own a reconfigure software components and a complete database functions of recording and stacking the data.
Authors: Xin Ying Yan, Bo Mo, Ying He
Abstract: The high precision of the seeker is the key to reduce the Miss-Distance and improve precision in the guidance system of missile, and the seeker stabilized platform servo system is safeguard of the overall performance of seeker. So based on the Stribeck friction model, this paper studies and compares the precision of position and velocity that controlled by PID control and BP neural network when the seeker platform working at low speed. Finally, according to the MATLAB simulation results, applying modern control theory as controller based on Stribeck friction model can improve precision and the problem of flat and dead zone at low speed.
Authors: Ling Wang, Bo Mo, Qin Hua Li, Hong Mei
Abstract: In the distributed control system, to make sure the running of the system bus is long-term, stable and reliable, we design a new intelligent redundant serial bus as the system bus, and it will be introduced in this article. The new intelligent redundant serial bus (IRSBUS) is able to be configured into a dual redundant synchronous bus or a quadruple redundant asynchronous bus, and its redundancy is hot redundant that means two groups of the four signals are working together. We mainly design a redundant IP core, a redundant protocol and the byte format. The IP core of IRSBUS consists of the following major modules: Intelligent Signal Router, Signal Transceiver, Lines-connecting Status Detector, Synchronous Controller (Master), Synchronous Transponder (Slave), Redundant Results Decider, Interrupt Generator, Dual-port RAMs, Control and Status Registers, Master / Slave Redundant Logical Controller. The redundant protocol and byte format provide an extremely strict timing to synchronize the master-slaves and transmit the information. We show that our design allow to compare the redundant data to arrive at the correct results. It also provides a way to regroup the remaining signal lines into a system bus when one or two of the four signal lines are broken. And then it detects the lines-connection status every 100 milliseconds.
Authors: Xin Ying Yan, Bo Mo, He Qi, Hai Wen Zhu
Abstract: Seeker plays an extremely important role in precision-guided weapons, among which the high tracking precision ability of servo system is one of the key technology. This paper studies the three-loop control system applied in the rate gyro stabilized platform of an infrared seeker and researches the stability, rapidity and accuracy of speed loop ,current loop and position loop. Finally, according to the engineering project, we can verify the validity and applicability of this triple loop system.
Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, De Zhi Zhou, Shu Cen Du
Abstract: Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is adopted in the driving of a three-axis turntable. A high-speed current sampling system plays a vital role in intelligent control. This article firstly describes the working principle of a triple-closed-loop regulation system and emphatically dissects the characteristic of the current-loop among speed-loop and position-loop. Secondly, a signal acquisition-alignment circuit of three phases’ current and voltage is designed. Based on ADS8365, a scheme of high-speed current loop’s precise and synchronous sampling system is provided. Finally, experimental results have proved the validity and practicality of the scheme applied in the control of three-axis turntable.
Authors: Yang Hua Li, Bo Mo, Jie Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, Newton's laws of motion and momentum theorem are the theoretical basis. The equations of motion in the vertical plane are the calculation basis. In order to get the ballistic and numerical solution of motion parameters of the missile, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to solve the missile Trajectory. Firstly, this paper builds the trajectory model of missile in vertical plane. Secondly, this paper chooses missile control method. Thirdly, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to verify the correctness. And to further analyze the law of motion parameters changed with time.
Authors: Lai Bin Xu, Shu Xing Yang, Bo Mo
Abstract: The dynamic response of Variable Sweep Wing Aircraft (VSWA) with the wing sweeping is presented. The center of gravity (cg) of the aircraft, location of each wing partition , and moment of inertia alter significantly due to the wing morphing, resulting in considerably change of the dynamics of the aircraft. The extended equations of motion (EOMs) suitable for morphing wing aircraft are derived. Compared with the traditional EOMs, there are 4 additional forces and moments exhibiting in the extended EOMs due to the wing morphing. The results show that the additional forces and moments can affect the flight control considerably.
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