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Authors: Kee Nam Choo, Bong Goo Kim
Abstract: A material capsule system including a main capsule, a fixing, a control, a cutting, and a transport system was developed for an irradiation test of non-fissile materials in HANARO. This capsule system has been actively utilized for the various material irradiation tests requested by users from research institutes, universities, and the industries. Based on the accumulated irradiation experience and the user’s sophisticated requirements, the instrumented capsule technologies for a more precise control of the irradiation temperature and fluence of a specimen were developed in HANARO. 6,000 specimens from domestic research institutes, nuclear industry companies and universities, were irradiated in HANARO for 54,000 hours by using the developed capsule irradiation system. Recently, development of new instrumented capsule technologies for an IP/OR irradiation test and a high temperature irradiation test has been performed in HANARO for relevant ongoing R&D for the international Gen IV Program. New irradiation technologies are also under development for the production of new functional materials including superconductor and optical/electrical materials.
Authors: K.S. Choi, Y. Choi, Bong Goo Kim, Y.W. Lee
Abstract: Small specimen with simple geometry has advantage for irradiation tests because the tests have limits for experiments and nuclear wastes after irradiation tests. In this study, a kinetic indentation technique is applied to evaluate mechanical properties of coated layers of a particle fuel of a high temperature gas cooled reactor. Hardness of buffer, IPyC and OPyC are 0.55, 0.874 and 2.726 GPa, respectively. The density, strength and friction coefficient estimated by kinetic indentation method are 1.08, 1.15 and 1.81 g/cm3, and 174, 291 and 606 MPa, and 0.51, 0.45 and 0.4, respectively.
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