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Authors: Laszlo Lizkay, C. Corbel, P. Perez, P. Desgardin, Marie France Barthe, Toshiyuki Ohdaira, Ryoichi Suzuki, P. Crivelli, Ulisse Gendotti, A. Rubbia, M. Etienne, A. Walcarius
Abstract: Positron annihilation gamma energy distribution, lifetime spectroscopy and time-of-flight method were used to study surfactant-templated mesoporous silica films deposited on glass. The lifetime depth profiling was correlated to Doppler broadening and 3γ annihilation fraction measurements to determine the annihilation characteristics inside the films. A set of consistent fingerprints for positronium annihilation, o-Ps reemission into vacuum, and pore size was directly determined. The lifetime measurements were performed in reflection mode with a specially designed lifetime spectrometer mounted on a slow positron beam system. The intensity of the 142 ns vacuum lifetime component was recorded as a function of the energy of the positron beam. In a film with high porosity a reemission efficiency of as high as 40 % was found at low positron energy. Positron lifetime in samples capped by a thin silica layer was used to determine the pore size. The energy of the reemitted o-Ps fraction was measured by a time-of-flight detector, mounted on the same system, allowing determination of both o-Ps re-emission efficiency and energy in the same sample. We demonstrate the potential of the simultaneous use of different positron annihilation techniques in the study of thin porous films.
Authors: M. Stucky, C. Corbel, B. Geffroy, P. Moser, Pekka J. Hautojärvi
Authors: B. Geffroy, C. Corbel, M. Stucky, R. Triboulet, Pekka J. Hautojärvi, F. Plazaola, Kimmo Saarinen, H. Rajainmäki, J. Aaltonen, P. Moser, A Sengupta, J.L. Pautrat
Authors: T. Laine, Kimmo Saarinen, Pekka J. Hautojärvi, C. Corbel
Authors: K. Krambrock, C. Le Berre, C. Corbel, Kimmo Saarinen, Pekka J. Hautojärvi
Authors: Kimmo Saarinen, S. Kuisma, J. Mäkinen, Pekka J. Hautojärvi, M. Törnqvist, C. Corbel
Authors: T. Laine, J. Mäkinen, Kimmo Saarinen, Pekka J. Hautojärvi, C. Corbel, Pierre Gibart
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