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Authors: W. Wang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Shu Huang, Yu Jie Fan, C.D. Wang, J.R. Fan
Abstract: Laser shot peening (LSP) has recently received more and more attention as a viable laser processing technology, since it can obtain the desirable residual compressive stress to improve fatigue life of the material by precisely controlling laser parameters. The purpose of this paper is mainly to explore the optimal residual compressive stress in the surface layer during LSP by statistical optimization algorithm. Based on the finite element analysis software ANSYS, Multi-island Genetic Algorithm (MIGA) is adopted to find the best solution of design requirements, the control parameters are laser pulse energy and spot diameter, while the aim parameters are residual compressive stress and deformation values, respectively. The results indicate that the optimal residual compressive stress obtained by integrated optimization technique can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the target after LSP. It provides a guiding importance for parameters optimization in future experimental research and practical application.
Authors: Shu Huang, Jian Zhong Zhou, Yi Bin Chen, C.D. Wang, X.D. Yang, Y.C. Dai
Abstract: An appropriate finite element analytical model for laser compound forming (LCF) was established with ABAQUS code, and then some key technical issues in the simulations were studied and solved. Numerical simulation of LCF for V-shape was carried out to study bending deformation, residual stress distribution and micro-profile of AISI-1008 steel plate. After the corresponding experiments of LCF, the bending deformation, forming precision as well as the variation of surface integrities were mainly measured and analyzed. The results indicated that anticipated shape of V-plate could be precisely formed, meanwhile distribution of surface residual stress and surface qualities on plate were under good control.
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