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Authors: Jürgen Merker, C. Scheckenbach, Bernd Fischer, David F. Lupton, Iryna Kravchenko
Abstract: For the production of endless glass fibres, the use of glass fibre bushings made of PtRh alloys is necessary. The manufacturing process for high melting glass fibres in particular leads to simultaneous chemical attack and mechanical loading at extremely high temperatures.The influence of these complex loadings on the stress-rupture strength and the creep behaviour of various PtRh alloys (conventional and oxide dispersion strengthened alloys) was investigated after contact with various glass melts. The investigations include both long-term tests under service conditions and laboratory corrosion tests. The investigations will be complemented with metallographic and fracture examinations in the SEM and microprobe analysis.Furthermore, the fibre manufacturing process is influenced by the wetting of the bushing material by the glass melt. For this reason the wetting behaviour of the platinum materials in contact with the different glass melts was investigated as a function of the working temperature of the glass fibre bushings. The results of the investigations provide a basis to optimise materials selection for glass fibre bushings.
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