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Authors: Can Du, Shi Wei Zhao, Jian Du, Yao Fang Zhang, Zi Long Wang, Ying Ni Shang
Abstract: Under adverse soil situations and simulated extreme climatic conditions, use the orthogonal design method and study the effect of 3 cultivars (Xinong Kang NO.4, NO.5 and Zhong mian NO.41 on lint output and quality by conducting the coupling water saving farming practice. The results showed that K4 and K5 perform better in output than the control (Zhong mian NO.41) and appeared drought resistant to some extent. No irrigation or with few irrigation (water saving), the outputs of the plots of irrigation regions suffering from water stress are better than control (irrigating two-three times), average output is increased by 8.11%. Compared with control, the plots with optimal combination of water saving farming practices and drought resistance have higher lint outputs and various fibers, increased by 4.62%~13.76% and by 5-10% on average separately. These demonstrated that coupling of water saving farming practices and drought-resistant varieties had significant effects on cotton output and quality, it provides water-saving agriculture engineering theory basis for the arid and semi-arid area.
Authors: Jian Du, Xuan Du, Yu Mei Li, Jin Shi Jian, Can Du
Abstract: As new approaches to comprehensively utilize urban-rural wastes, waste resources and straws of wheat, maize, cotton, rice, rape and etc. (as principal raw material) were used to prepare environment-friendly products(soil amendment fertilizer) for water-saving agriculture (the processing techniques were established).In this paper, the cotton growth and yield were studied under the application of water-saving products(soil amendment fertilizer). Results show: for all prescriptions, under the application amount of 750kg/hm2 (equivalent to regular fertilization and investment), the fresh and dry weight in cotton seedling stage increased by 10-20% over control and the prehot seasonal boll increased by 2.0-2.54/plant compared with control respectively; the yield under all prescriptions increased over control with an increasing range of 4.70-14.25%; the quarterly irrigation can be decreased by 1-2 times(saving irrigation amount of 600-1200m3 /hm2).The above results show that soil amendment fertilizer can not only conserve moisture, but also increase soil fertility, promote cotton seedling growth and increase dry matter accumulation.
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