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Authors: Elena Landi, Selanna Martorana, Anna Tampieri, Stefano Guicciardi, Cesare Melandri
Abstract: A novel foaming method of design and synthesis of porous Carbonate-apatite/gelatine composite scaffolds is proposed for biomedical applications. Two different suspensions, one constituted by a biomimetic inorganic phase (B-CHA) and the second by a protein (gelatine), are mixed, foamed, lyophilized and, in some cases, cross-linked to stabilize the organic phase. Chemical, morphological and mechanical features of the scaffolds are evaluated. The samples have chemical composition, compressive and flexural strengths and Young modulus values in the range of trabecular bone ones. A high interconnected porosity (about 90%) showing a micro- to macrosize distribution, that is needed for osteoconduction and vascolarization processes in vivo, is also detected.
Authors: Sabrina Conoci, Cesare Melandri, Goffredo de Portu
Authors: A. Morales-Rodríguez, M. Jiménez-Melendo, Arturo Domínguez-Rodríguez, P. Pinasco, E. Roncari, Cesare Melandri, Goffredo de Portu
Authors: Valentina Biasini, M. Dondi, Stefano Guicciardi, Cesare Melandri, Mariarosa Raimondo, E. Generali, D. Settembre Blundo
Authors: Mariarosa Raimondo, M. Dondi, Guia Guarini, Stefano Guicciardi, Cesare Melandri
Authors: Leonardo Esposito, A. Piancastelli, Cesare Melandri, D.D. Fabbriche
Authors: Diletta Sciti, Stefano Guicciardi, Cesare Melandri, A. Bellosi
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