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Authors: Jan Kuriplach, S. van Petegem, M. Hou, E.E. Zhurkin, Helena Van Swygenhoven, F. Dalla Torre, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, M. Yandouzi, D. Schryvers, Danny Segers, A.L. Morales, S. Ettaoussi, Charles Dauwe
Authors: Carlos A. Palacio, Jérémie De Baerdemaeker, Danny Segers, Khaled M. Mostafa, Dries Van Thourhout, Charles Dauwe
Abstract: Positron transmission experiments were performed on free-standing poly(methyl-methacrylate) (PMMA) and polystyrene (PS) films of nanometric thicknesses made by spin coating. The power_law equation z1/2(E) )=(α/ρ)En was determined from the measurements of the S-parameter as a function of the positron implantation energy. These transmission experiments indicate that n = 1.90(±0.08) and α = 1.33(±0.10) μg cm-2 which deviates from the values found by Algers et al. (n = 1.71(±0.05) and α = 2.8(±0.2) μg cm-2) and the commonly used parameters (n = 1.6 and α = 4.0 μg cm-2).
Authors: Nicolas Laforest, Jérémie De Baerdemaeker, Corine Bas, Charles Dauwe
Abstract: Positron annihilation lifetime measurements on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) at low temperature were performed. Different discrete fitting procedures have been used to analyze the experimental data. It shows that the extracted parameters depend strongly on the fitting procedure. The physical meaning of the results is discussed. The blob model seems to give the best annihilation parameters.
Authors: Mbungu Tsumbu, Gushimana Yav, Kanyinda Malu, Lohalo O. Rostha, Charles Dauwe
Authors: Jan Kuriplach, T. van Hoecke, B. van Waeyenberge, Charles Dauwe, Danny Segers, N. Balcaen, A.L. Morales, M.-A. Trauwaert, J.R. Richardson, Mojmír Šob
Authors: Charles Dauwe, B. van Waeyenberge, Jérémie De Baerdemaeker
Authors: Z. Kajcsos, L. Liszkay, L. Varga, K. Lázár, Gerhard Brauer, Charles Dauwe
Authors: N. Balcaen, Charles Dauwe, B. van Waeyenberge, Jérémie De Baerdemaeker
Authors: Charles Dauwe, B. van Waeyenberge, Giovanni Consolati, Jerzy Kansy, Danny Segers, T. van Hoecke, F. Du Prez
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