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Authors: Chien Cheng Liu, Ming Hang Weng, Chien Tang Wang, Jheng Hong Chen, Yung Chih Chou, Huai Wei Yaw
Abstract: TiN/NbN multilayers on steel substrates (SKD11) are produced using DC magnetron sputtering process. The multilayer obtained are characterized in composition by means of X-ray diffraction techniques, Microhardness and adhesion to the substrate were studied by atomic force microscopy and scratch tests. The morphological analysis and coating structure are studied using scanning electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. The film thickness is measured by a stylus profiler (XP-2 stylus profiler). Wear tests were performed on pin-on-disk configuration and dry sliding conditions, at 5N load by using hardened steel ball. On mechanical properties, higher Young’s modulus and hardness values follow to increase the TiN/NbN layers number. The multilayer films of 64 layers at 500°C 1h annealing indicated that the microhardness and Young’s modulus had the highest values.
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